Economic Development through Radio Astronomy Workshop – UK

Date: 10-14 June 2019

Location: Goonhilly Earth Station, UK

Host: GES – Goonhilly Earth Station Ltd.

The event was hosted at Goonhilly Earth Station in the UK by GES Ltd. It brought together experts in related industries with radio astronomers in developing countries to explore the opportunities for job creation and entrepreneurship linked to the emergence of local radio astronomy infrastructure and expertise. The related industries involved space science, remote sensing, satellite communications, telecommunications, geodetic applications and big data. Experts cam from GES Ltd, UKSA, ESA, SANSA and HartRAO among others. Participants were invited from the LMIC countries in Africa, Latin America and SE Asia.

Local Organising Committee
  • Kat Hickey, GES Ltd. – Chair
  • Ian Jones, GES Ltd. – Deputy
  • Patricia Grant, University of Leeds
Scientific Organising Committee
  • Melvin Hoare, University of Leeds, UK – Chair
  • Mark Birkinshaw, University of Bristol, UK – Deputy
  • Kat Hickey, GES Ltd.
  • Ian Jones, GES Ltd.
  • Carla Sharpe, SARAO
Participants List
  • Coming Soon



Carla Sharpe – ‘The SKA Project, SARAI and AVN’

Ian Jones – ‘Satellite Business – Economic Case’

Ian Jones –  ‘Goonhilly Earth Station’

Melvin Hoare – ‘Development through Radio Astronomy Global Network’

Pontsho Maruping – ‘Commercialisation at SARAO’

Roelf Botha – ‘Geodestic Instruments’



Carla Sharpe – ‘Searching for the Origin of the Universe using GIS’

Dewald Lloyd – ‘Co-location’

Donna Lyndsay – ‘Why Space?’

Mike Jones – ‘Goonhilly 3 – Dual Use for Radio Astronomy and Satcoms’

Stephen Jones – ‘DARA Business Development Programme’

Sandra Rothwell – ‘Innovation Hub @ Goonhilly’



J Cleverdon – ‘Cape Town Science Centre’



Adriana Marais – ‘The Allure of the Unknown’

Domingos Barbosa, Valerio Ribeiro – ‘Towards Radioastronomy and Space Science’

Dan Isai Alvarez Ruano – ‘Quetzal-1’

Kat Hickey – ‘Incubating Start-Ups’

Miles Carden – ‘Spaceport Cornwall: Cornwall’s New Frontier’

Michelle Willebrands – ‘Astronomy for Development’



Domingos Barbosa, Valerio Ribeiro – ‘Doppler’

Khutso Ngoasheng – ‘Data Solutions, Innovation and Science Data Processing’

E Avenant – ‘SANSA: Service and infrastructure’

Aquib Moin – ‘Space Sector in the UAE’

‘Women in Aerospace – Europe’