Regional VLBI Workshop – Mexico

Date: 25 February – 1 March 2019

Location: Mexico City, Mexico

Host: UNAM – National Autonomous University of Mexico

This workshop will bring together science and organisational experts in the field of VLBI to explore how it can be used as a vehicle to build strong regional scientific collaborations amongst developing countries. Experts will be drawn from well-established VLBI networks including the EVN/JIVE, LBO, LBA, KaVA, East Asia VLBI Network and geodetic networks. Participants will be invited from developing countries that are interested in joining regional VLBI networks using existing, converted or new-build dishes. Participants from Latin America, Africa and SE Asia will be invited to discuss the potential of establishing or extending VLBI networks in their respective regions. The workshop will discuss the kind of radio astronomy and geodesy that such regional VLBI networks can carry out and how the development of such a collaboration in radio astronomy could lead to cooperation in related engineering and industrial sectors to drive economic development at the regional level.


Monday – Friday

Local Organising Committee
  • Laurent Loinard – Chair
  • Stan Kurtz – Deputy
Scientific Organising Committee
  • Jan Forbrich, University of Hertfordshire, UK – Chair
  • TBA – Deputy